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Agnitio is a leading global provider of Closed-Loop Marketing software and services, with over a decade of providing exciting and compelling electronic detailing and analytical tools and projects for our customers in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Agnitio provides a Full-service, Turn-key solution, including all products and services required to help our customers achieve successful CLM-projects, and currently Agnitio counts the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world as our regular customers. Agnitio has a proven track-record, based on over 500 projects, in over 45 countries and 25 languages, and operates accross the globe, through regional offices and regional partners.


Suggestions and best practices

Agnitio Product Overview (Client software)

IPlanner icon.png
-Our iPad-based CLM tool for Sales-reps in the pharmaceutical industry

LightAppStore Icon512x512.png
-A simplified version of the iPlanner. Fewer clicks needed, but data is not recorded with the same granularity.

ViewerAppStore Icon512x512.png
-Our simplest tool for the iPad, allowing quick and easy electronic detailing

IDocs icon.png
-Our tool for KAM's and MSL's, providing a quick and easy-to-use access to a large library of presentations and reference-materials

Planner 4 icon.png
-The CLM and e-Detailing client designed for the Windows-environment

Agnitio Product Overview (SaaS / Administrative software)

Icons 512 Manager.png

Agnitio Manager 4.x

-The tool for managing users, user-groups, user rights, presentation approval, presentation distribution and presentation editing

Icons 512 Analyzer.png

Agnitio Analyzer 4.x

-The set of tools used to close the loop, and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy, and decide on any changes for the next cycle

Framework Icon 1024px.png

Agnitio Framework

-Agnitio's API used for content development and integration purposes


Agnitio Remote

-Integrated tool for Remote-detailing, using screen-sharing, webconferencing, Voice-over-IP and/or teleconferencing

CRM Integration w border.png

Agnitio CRM-integration

-Our set of tools that connect our platform to customer CRM-systems

Agnitio Products Release notes


Each Agnitio product is updated roughly 4 times per year. The latest and the historical release-notes may be found through the links below.

Agnitio Technical Reference Library

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General Technical Documentation

iPlanner Technical References

Planner 4.x Technical References

Manager 4.x Technical References

Analyzer 4.x Technical References

Agnitio Agency Support

Agnitio Creative Agency Support


Creative Development

Methods and APIs

Planner (Flash) Development



Agnitio Technical Support

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User Manuals


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